Do you want t pass an exam, make a a successful impression, reduce your stress level effectively or simply want to feel better and have more energy?

Wingwave is a psychological, well-founded short-time coaching which, accordion to university research studies, results in perceptible reduction of stress, growing confidence, determination and an enhanced wellness feeling in just two to three sessions. There are more than 3000 qualified wingwave trainers worldwide who can support you in your professional and personal goals – in the field of health, sport, confident communication and business. In addition, together with your wingwave coach you will learn effective self-coaching tops during which the special wingwave music available in this online shop is used.

The method is based on findings from modern brain research which reveals that mental performance and physical sense of well-being are significantly facilitated by means of the cooperation and interaction of all brain areas. The coaching therefore includes methods which intensify the interaction of both brain halves. These include rapid eye movement – which normally happens with humans when we are asleep and dream – and other methods which specifically trigger interaction of all brain cells – for example, wingwave music. The wingwave coach also applies a special muscle test in order to ensure the method used is tailor-made to your specific needs and topic.

The translation of the ancient Greek word ‚Psyche‘, by the way, is not just soul, breathing and vitality, but also butterfly. The ‚wing‘ in the wingwave title stands for the wing beat of the butterfly which can often change the entire climate when it generates far-reaching waves to the right point: small cause – large effect! Emotions have a massive mental impact on our performance, on the way we think, on our success and our quality of life. Emotions decide whether a pupil can remember the words he’s learnt well, whether we are quick-witted at the right moment, whether the sportsman is just as good in competition as he is in training and whether wedding proposal or change in behavior is successful. Because emotions – in the same way as a wing beat – can trigger exactly those brain cells which focus our abilities. The English word ‚brainwave‘ is the patron for the name ‚wave‘ in the wingwave term and, translated, means ‚flash of genius‘ or ‚terrific idea‘. Inspirational ‚brainwaves‘ are specifically triggered by wingwave coaching.

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