By participating in our Affiliate Programme you earn a commission every time a customer acquired by you makes a purchase.

Upon the purchase of the following products a commission of 25% will be credited to you::

  • All wingwave-MP3s
  • Offvertising-Videos

The commissions will be credited to your Affiliate Account and paid out as an annual commission during the second quarter of the following year.

We have placed several tools pursuant to customer acquisition at your disposal in the Section  „Banner & Links”:

  • Advertising Banners
    These banners may be placed by your web designer on your website.
  • Links
    You may, for example, send these individual links by e-mail or post them in the social media.

And this is how it works (Example “Banner on your website”)

  1. One of the banners is placed on your website
  2. A visitor to your website clicks on the banner
  3. The visitor is will be rerouted to
  4. If the customer should now conclude one or more purchases within a period of 2 days a commission amounting to 25% of the net order value will be credited to you.
    Please note that not all articles are a part of the Affiliate-Programme! The commission will only be paid for articles belonging to the above-mentioned groups of products.