(from the book ‚Mit Freude läuft’s besser’ (Things work out better with Enjoyment‘ – Cora Besser-Siegmund and Marco Ratschlag, Junfermann Publishers, Paderborn 2013)

Note: If you work with the demo piece ‚Feelwave‘, set your unit to ‚Repeat‘ and then you have 16 minutes of playtime, though eight minutes are also enough for this exercise.

1.Make sure you are positioned comfortably and simply listen to the wingwave music for one to two minutes and its ‚Ding-Ding beat‘ with your eyes closed.

2.Now opens your eyes and look around. Look for something small near to you, which you like to look at and which reminds you of something positive; an item, a flower, a cloud in the sky or simple a paint stain you like – even if it’s just a turquoise paper clip whose color reminds you of the Caribbean.

3.You look at the resource and feel into your own body: where exactly do you sense the positive resonance of your perception, where does your body tell you that you are simply enjoying this moment:- head, throat or neck- shoulders, arms, hands- chest- stomach- legs, feetYou can look in alternately and try to sense what you feel and then close your eyes again and sense this wellness resonance of perception, and in this way intensify the resonance waves between the pleasant perception and the body echo.

4.Then keep your eyes completely closed and feel into the body section touched positively by the perception. Simple ´sense how pleasant this feeling is on a positive scale between 0 and 10; is it at one, four, six? Make a rough estimate.

5.Now simply continue to feel towards this wellness feeling with your eyes kept closed while the ‚Ding-Ding‘ continues to run- Simply feel how the intensity gradually increases and spreads – even if it is just half a point further upwards on the scale.

6.Continue to sense the feeling with the perception: this wellness resonance can have the effect of a source in your body and spread slowly from that source. How would that take place, which direction would the effect take?- to all sides at the same time, in one direction, straight on or in circles? - continuously, as in waves?- radiating?- spreading via the skin, inside via the nerve tracks and meridians or - even via blood circulation?

7.Continue the exercise until the wellness resonance has increased at least one point. And then simply continue to enjoy, for as long as it feels good…