EASY NEUROWEIGHT® - Abnehmen beginnt im Kopf!

Easy weight mental training - available in the wingwave® app and in the shop

Easy Weight mental training exercises available in the wingwave® app and here in the wingwave® shop !

The mental path to natural slimness – If you feel light, you can also become light

Many people would like to lose weight. Everyone who has struggled with calorie counting and "miracle diets" knows how difficult it is to get and stay lean through sheer willpower and without the price of an eating disorder. The "brain-friendly" easy neuroweight program offers a completely new approach in connection with the wingwav coaching method: Losing weight begins in the head! Our thinking and feeling - that is, our neurobiology - is the key to a healthy eating and physical experience. When solving eating and weight problems or self-image issues, it is necessary for the solution to come from two sides on a mental level:

  1. Our brain can learn to be slim – like a foreign language
  2. The unconscious motives of overeating can be recognized and changed.

Both areas are equally important so that the positive change is permanently anchored in our neurobiology, as well as in unconscious experience and behavior.

Finally, the effect of the "lightening" Easy Weight lyrics was combined with the positive effects of various melodies of the wingwave music - for a new body image "between the ears", impulse management when snacking, immediately noticeable subjective lightness for the body and Soul, because: "Only those who feel light can become light!"

True to the motto: it's never too late for easy weight!

easy neuroweight self-coaching

An exercise program was developed for self-coaching, which combines the easy neuroweight exercises with the brain-activating wingwave music, so that the program can be carried out in a targeted manner and with little time at home and on the go (e.g. with the MP3 player or with the wingwave app on the smartphone) can be carried out !

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The Easy Weight method is also carried out as group and/or individual training:

Here you will find easy weight trainers with whom you can take courses:



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