Imagination und die Macht der inneren Bilder

The sun is shining and the light breeze of the wind awakens the colorful wings of the butterfly, which is now fluttering over the pleasantly fragrant flower meadow...

Do you notice how the narration becomes thoughts and these become a short, inner film in your inner world? Depending on the story or narrative, be it a fairy tale, a metaphor, or perhaps a Steven King thriller, actual physical changes happen within us as we listen or read! What we absorb can cause the heart to beat slower or faster, or affect blood pressure. Widened eyes, faster or slower heartbeat, constricted or dilated vessels - there are bodily reactions. In a horror film, for example, there are reactions that one would describe as unpleasant. But what works in one direction also works the other way around. With the help of specific thoughts, the bodily functions can also be changed in a pleasant direction in a beneficial way. With our psychological medicine chest we resort to means such as fantasy and imagination, which ultimately are only certain forms of thoughts. From a purely technical point of view, our brain doesn't care whether we're thinking of a shock or something beautiful, the associated chemical processes in the body follow the same basic principles. Fantasy and imagination are therefore not imaginary, but effective bodily processes.

Mental power certainly harbors completely undreamt-of possibilities for us humans. Perhaps it may be unusual for one or the other to deal mentally with rather unusual or simply new exercises. What is certain, however, is that there are a lot of strategies these days and they are no less easy to learn and master than many other things that have already been learned in life (ABC, poetry, arithmetic, driving a foreign language). With the help of mental tools, completely new ways can be learned!

Self-coaching tip:

🦋 Make yourself comfortable and take some time for this exercise

🦋 Go into yourself and review pictures in front of your inner eye that are good for you! For example, this can be a flower, a butterfly, a sunset, the sea, a beautiful picture or your favorite color

🦋 Start listening to the wingwave music with headphones

🦋Notice what smells, sounds, feelings or even smells come with it

🦋 Feel into yourself: Where in the body do you perceive an area - or a small cell - that represents the pleasant resonance?

🦋 How does this pleasant perception spread in your body? In waves, in a certain direction?

🦋 Do this exercise as long as you want! The next few times you will find that it is now faster and faster to reach the desired "state of well-being".

How wingwave coaches can carefully use the power of their inner imagination for a successful coaching process will also be the topic of the next wingwave coaching congress at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg!

The motto 2022: Magic Tools for Mindfulness! In addition to new formats for the wingwave coaching process, we will be offering Maja Storch and Professor Dr. Experience Michalak as two great speakers!

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