Gelassenheit durch Selbstorganisation

Returning to work after the Christmas break can be challenging for some when it comes to maintaining the holiday break and New Year's resolutions. You may have just been listening to the waves on the beach and, at best, come back fresh and rested from your winter vacation when a flood of e-mails is approaching at work. In today's world, we are all too often at the mercy of masses of information that signal to us that we have to be more and more productive. Some people even react physically, perceiving the information as "mountains" or "floods" in which one sinks helplessly. These pictures show: The subjective experience suspected a natural disaster and sends stress impulses into the nervous system. The result is paralysis and a tendency to flee, and processing is now becoming tough and tedious.

Always-on mentality as a stress factor

Business e-mails are increasing everywhere - it is always practical to send your concerns and to inform colleagues and cooperation partners in the CC at the same time, no matter what time zone they are in. This constant accessibility leads to an increasing burden. The so-called always-on mentality is a stress factor. Even research projects deal with the phenomenon of e-mail masses and the IT industry is constantly developing new programs that are intended to make processing easier. It is certainly helpful to create new organizational options. Outlook, for example, paves the way for this that structures working with e-mail. The auto-correction option, the spell check or the decision to use a font that is easy to read can make things easier. Of course, rethinking is sometimes not that easy. Especially when things get hectic, we tend to return to old behavior patterns. Everyone should also take care of themselves in everyday life for permanent stress relief, which also has a liberating effect over the annual holiday and counteracts tension.

relief from stress

With wingwave music of your choice, you can counteract the stress factor and thus retain the freshness and relaxation you brought with you from your vacation. Various measurements have shown that the specially composed wingwave music calms physical stress after just two to three minutes and lowers the heart's pulse rate - even during activity. So: just listen to the music and only then open, look at and edit the mails. This strategy is also suitable for intensive learning phases - you pick up the "learning material" after the music has already "taken effect". The result: the mountains shrink, the flood becomes a brook, the subjective experience moves away from the world of danger - and this creates a meaningful workflow that gets the small letters in the square screens under control. The wingwave music also helps to relax outside of the holiday season, dissolves blockages and has been proven to bring about success.

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