Mental-Übung: Schenken und positive „Spiegel-Gefühle“

gifts just like that? No, according to the attitude of many people, it is not that easy. Why did Father Christmas or "Santa Claus" read a list of misdeeds and good behavior to justify why a child deserved presents - or not? The "link" to advertising is also not far: "You deserve it!" According to the motto: you have to do something for a good deed - and gifts should be a good deed - then we have earned it. In this case, however, the word "gift" is out of place, "reward" would be the right word. “Gift”, on the other hand, means: “It is nice to experience that a person is simply happy about a “gift”.

Research has shown that just the experience of making another person happy also makes the giver happy: the recipient does not have to do additional gymnastics, sing or be diligent: being positively touched is already enough "quid pro quo". Of course, it makes sense here for the giver to think about a “feeling value” for the gift. The message is then: "You are worth it for the fact that you exist, just like that, without having to do anything or have to do anything." If this message gets through, it is also manageable for every recipient, even if the gift is not quite as good meets one's own consumer desires. The gift magic comes from saying: "I was thinking of you - and it occurred to me that this could fit...". It's not the gift itself, but the relationship story of two or more people who come and stay connected with a gift as a symbol of warm feelings. The sympathetic, loving, attentive fellow human being is the most beautiful gift when giving - just like that!

Mental exercise: giving and positive "mirror feelings"

1. Think of a moment when you gave someone a gift and that person was very happy.
2. When that joy radiates out from the other person and has a noticeable resonance in your body, where is that? In the heart, a tingling in the neck, a nice feeling in the stomach?
3. Feel the "mirrored feeling" and feel how your well-being increases as a result.
4. In this way, your gift has done two people good: the other person and yourself.

A little tip: listen to the wingwave music while you go through this little exercise, it increases the positive effect on your subjective sense of well-being.


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