Besser einschlafen mit der wingwave-Musik

Many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or waking up too early.

Sleep research has shown that thought management can be as good, if not better than medication at restoring a balanced night's sleep for many.

Because many of those affected unconsciously increase their sleep disorders through an unfavorable “mental cinema”. They worry her lying in bed. Thoughts revolve not only around everyday stress, but often also around the sleep experience itself. For example, many people wake up at 3 a.m. at night. Many then simply fall asleep again , while the others remain wide awake.

The difference: the "good" sleepers look at the clock and "say" to themselves: how nice, I can now stay comfortably in bed for four more hours. This thought subjectively causes a pleasant feeling of snuggling, from which one falls asleep again.

However, the “worry sleepers” look at the clock and immediately produce hectic or even hysterical thoughts. They "say" to themselves in an internally excited alarm voice: "Help, it's only 3 o'clock! If I don't fall asleep again, I'll be nervous tomorrow and won't be able to do my work!” It is only these “shrieking” thoughts that cause such excitement in the emotional experience that the sleeper who is unable to sleep stays wide awake.

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This is where thought management techniques can help. One can learn that the inner voice speaks quietly, gently humming and slowly, that little clouds are floating around the dial of the clock or that all thought films can only be seen internally through a purple color filter , that is usually calming. The Sound Coaching Production: The Sleeping Tree will help you get into a sleepy state so you can fall asleep easily and enjoy a restful night's sleep. For this purpose, the proven right-left impulses in the wingwave relaxation music are effectively combined with spoken elements of clinical hypnosis.

Even the wingwave music alone can help to calm the stressful thoughts quickly and transition into a pleasant "head cinema" that now shows calming films. All of this happens automatically just by listening to the music, because it is composed in a special way. You can hear them with headphones because the rhythm alternates between the ears. This leads to a pleasant mental state in which the brain thinks in terms of solutions , because the eyes also move very gently and easily when listening - of their own accord.

And slight eye movements are usually associated with a positive psychological experience - unlike the fixed gaze. According to research , wingwave music also lowers the pulse rate and the general level of excitement of the nervous system - body and soul then embark on a journey of recovery together.

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