Sonne im Herzen

Today we welcome you with cool sunglasses and hope that this makes a good impression. But are sunglasses really as cool as they look? In any case, you can actually lower the mood! The eyes are the "window of the soul" and bring light into our nervous system. Light increases the production of the happiness hormone serotonin in the body and inhibits the formation of the tiring hormone melatonin, which is produced in the pineal gland in the brain. Since we want to feel comfortably awake and active during the day, melatonin is released when it gets dark, which is why we get tired in the evenings.

The sun in the heart

Serotonin is a "feel good hormone" and has a positive effect on mood - especially during the day. Sufficient serotonin in the body makes you calm and balanced. In the worst case, a deficiency can lead, for example, to a "seasonal affective disorder" (which we also call "winter depression"), to emotional hypersensitivity and even to sleep disorders. Anyone who looks through the dark glasses too often suggests to their body that it is dark and provokes the production of melatonin at a time when it is not needed at all. So take off your sunglasses – especially when the weather is sunny! Let's also think about the wisdom of language: there is the sun in the heart, a good idea "lights up" and clever people are said to have a "bright head". Even with effective imagination techniques, inner images have a particularly positive effect if we illuminate them brightly and let them shine. wingwave wishes all readers many happy hours in a radiantly good mood - regardless of whether the sun is shining inside or outside!

Self-coaching tip: supportive movement training “happy wingwave walk”

Walk "happily", sit "in a good mood", walk intentionally "elated". Even if it seems artificial and wanted, the body sends your brain positive signals that are good for your mood simply through your posture. Support this training with the wingwave music , we call this combination "happy wingwave-walk".


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