Ich-Stärke durch „Magic Names“

Strengthen self-confidence through “Magic Names

At the beginning of the beautiful month of August, we ask the question: Who would still like to be called August or Augustine these days? Then there's the name Augustine, which I'm sure will strike most readers as particularly outdated. The meaning of the name could well spread positive "I-energy", because the meaning of "August" stands for "uplifted full of great and solemn feelings" and thus for a healthy self-confidence. After all, emperors used to be called that. But this word magic no longer works for everyone, the name has just gone out of fashion. Although traditional names for children are now very popular again, "August" is not exactly the "king" in the name hit list.

The name of a person stands for the image of a person. It is not for nothing that it is said: "This or that person has made a big name for himself!" This does not mean the name fashion, but the actions, speeches , values ​​and potential of a person. We all have the opportunity to positively charge our name - no matter where it comes from and who gave it to us - through our own sources of power and individually reinvent it in connection with a good "I-feeling" - tailored to our own positive characteristics. If you imagine the name "August" in large, colorful graffiti writing on a house wall, it suddenly radiates a daring , young and dynamic energy . And if we see the name "Bertha" with clouds written by an airplane in the blue sky, it seems airy, playful and light.

This is the effect of the Magic Words method: we can positively charge words simply in terms of our power sources and our mental creativity, even just the word "I" or our name. Because words do not work in our brain as letters, but as psychic energy - and we can shape it ourselves. And only this individual energy has a positive effect on our posture, facial expressions, the tone of our voice, the way we move.

"Enchant" your name and the word "I" with colors, light, and the shape of the letters for your ego strength until they have an inspiring and positive effect on you. Listen to the wingwave music, which deepens this "word magic". You may also use the "My Magic Words" function in the wingwave app, where you can also enter individual terms.

And/or you can read the book "Magic Words - breaking down blockages in minutes" for more inspiration , you can also get it in this shop.


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