Heiter bis wolkig... mit GOOD VIBES

Cheerful and friendly!

How nice that we can still enjoy the summer sunshine in September and walk around or sit outside in warm temperatures with light clothing . Because "soaking up the sun" has many positive effects, above all the formation of serotonin is promoted.

A balanced serotonin level ensures a good night 's sleep and positive feelings during the day, i.e. a "sunny mind". This is also described in the daily weather report: "The weather is clear and friendly," we are told. That's why children like to draw the sun with a smiling face. Humans have always had the tendency to “ensoul” everything, including natural phenomena such as the sun, moon, stars and the sky.

With these metaphors, you and I can also fill up internally with positive emotions when you are “outdoors” , enjoying nice weather through a window or just thinking about nice weather with your eyes closed. Because that works too – in any weather!

1. Really or mentally perceive how the light of the sun touches your body and also illuminates it internally - in the head, in the heart, everywhere.
2. Think of the word "radiance" , feel into your facial expressions and think of a "radiant smile".
3. Hear the laughter of the clear sky and the good mood that spreads through these "heavenly sounds" in you .

This little mental exercise works particularly well if you listen to the wingwave music.

And if there are clouds in the sky or the sun is hiding , then remember: we generally feel good in daylight , but just go outside anyway. It is not for nothing that people say that we are “in the open air” outside . In daylight - especially under the "open sky" and also through the clouds, the curiosity hormone dopamine is released. Dopamine in the brain metabolism in turn prevents myopia in children and young people. We have also described all of this in our new book “Praxisbuch Online-Coaching – Establishing a Connection with NeuroResources” (Junfermann 2021).

Have fun being cheerful!









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