Entspannen und Kraftquellen aktivieren mit der Wingwave-Musik

🎶 🎶 This is how the wingwave music works

🟠 In addition to its balancing, positive melodies, the wingwave music works primarily through a left-right beat, which alternately "touches" the two hemispheres of the brain auditory via stereo headphones and thus causes optimal cooperation of all brain areas to vibrate. This bilateral auditory brain stimulation helps to reduce performance stress and supports creative processes. For this self-coaching effect, the music must be used with headphones. Soothing sounds of nature, pleasant or even inspiring sounds are playing in the background. The rhythm always corresponds to the resting heart rate. All this together measurably lowers the pulse rate and the level of excitement of the nervous system, calms, allows all stress to drain away, increases well-being and opens the wide angle for solution-oriented and positive perception and thinking.

🟠The following figure shows a measurement with a biofeedback device, which shows the cerebral hemispheres harmonizing and calming effect of wingwave music. The measurements were carried out by Dr. Silvia Nötzel, co-developer of this biofeedback device. Electrodes were attached to the right and left hand (red and blue curves), which measure the skin resistance, which is also an indicator of the state of arousal in our entire neurobiology and therefore also in our brain. After just five minutes of listening, a clear relaxation set in and the two measurement curves synchronized - as a sign of improved cooperation between the two halves of the brain.

You can find the free Feelwave track in the wingwave shop and on the wingwave YouTube channel

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