Power of Life – wingwave®-Coaching und seine Möglichkeiten online erleben- für ALLE

Power of Life - wingwave ® coaching and its possibilities on the wingwave YouTube channel

"With positive emotions you have eternal spring for the rest of your life".

You can now experience the lectures from the Emotions Coaching Congress on May 1st on YouTube!

All lectures will also be translated into English. More than 36 speakers from six countries present on professional personal coaching topics:

  • What does "emotion coaching" have to do with success and health?
  • security
  • business coaching
  • student coaching
  • Dog owner coaching
  • Sports coaching for riders and for athletic performance
  • Sleep coaching and "vagus coaching" as positive energy for mental and health balance
  • wingwave and hypnosis as a coaching tool
  • NeuroResources: wingwave as online coaching
  • ... and many other topics

On May 1st, 2021, Cora Besser-Siegmund, Lola A. Siegmund and Harry Siegmund - the founders of the well-researched wingwave method - hosted the first international congress for emotion coaching. The occasion is the 20th anniversary of wingwave - today there are already over 8000 wingwave coaches worldwide.

The speakers are experienced emotion coaches and trainers who have successfully coached many thousands of people on various topics for years - simply because they were able to achieve their goals through positive emotion management. The speakers explain wingwave coaching, show examples and answer questions about the presentation topics.

Would you like to learn more about wingwave? Then visit the method page www.wingwave.com or watch the wingwave explanatory video on youtube.


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